Numb. 11:23

Robert Hawker

"And the Lord said unto Moses, is the Lord's hand waxed short? Thou shalt see now whether my word shall come to pass unto thee, or not."–Numb. xi. 23.

Is it not an extraordinary thing in the history of Moses, that he, who had seen the miracles in Egypt, should stagger at God's promises to feed his people with a new supply in the wilderness? Had Moses forgotten the rock which gave water, or the daily supply of manna? But pause, my soul! look not at Moses; look at home. What wonders hath thy God wrought for thee! and yet what doubts, and fears, and questionings, are continually arising in thy mind. Is there a child of God on earth, more apt to reason with flesh and blood than thou art? And is there a child of God, that hath less reason so to do? Dearest Lord! I blush to think how slender, at times, my faith is! When I read of the acts of those heroes in the gospel, who "through faith, subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, stopped the mouths of lions," and the like, I take shame and confusion of face, in the review of my unbelieving heart. Did Joshua bid the sun and moon to stand still; did Peter smite Ananias and Sapphira dead; yea, did he even call Tabitha from the dead, by virtue of faith in Jesus; and am I so much at a loss, at times, as to fear that I shall one day perish by the hand of the enemy? Oh, Lord! I beseech thee, strengthen my soul in this grace, that I may never more question the divine faithfulness. And do thou, blessed Jesus, pour in thy resources upon my poor forgetful and unbelieving heart, when doubts, and fears, and misgivings arise. Give me to see, that in all my journey past, thou hast brought me through difficulties and dangers, and that "thy strength is made perfect in my weakness." What are all intervening difficulties, when Jesus undertakes for his people? Nay, the very obstruction, be it what it may, is but the more for the display of thy glory, and the exercise of my faith. Help me then, O Lord, to look to thee, and not to the difficulty, with which I have nothing to do. It is enough for me, that my God hath promised, and my God can and will perform. How Jesus will accomplish it, is his concern, and not mine. He is faithful; he hath promised; and that is sufficient: the issue is not doubtful. Yea, Lord! I know thine hand is not shortened, and all that thou hast said must come to pass. "Faithful is he that hath promised, who also will do it!"


Robert Hawker

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