John 12:32

Robert Hawker

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."–John xii. 32.

My soul! it is blessed, and refreshing to the faith of God's children, to behold, in their almighty Redeemer, the same properties as are ascribed to the Father and the Spirit; and more especially in the points which concern their personal salvation. Jesus told the Jews, that none could come to him," except the Father, who had sent him, should draw them;" John vi. 46. And in the same chapter, he ascribes "the quickening power," which draws to Christ, unto the Holy Spirit, verse 63. But that his own sovereign power and Godhead is also included in this act of grace, he here teacheth us, by describing whose love and grace it is that sinners are drawn by! Precious Lord Jesus! let mine eyes be ever unto thee for the quickening, reviving, restoring, comforting, and all healing graces, which thou now art exalted, as a Prince and a Saviour to give unto thy people. And dearest Lord! I beseech thee, let my views of thee, and my meditation of thee, in this most endearing character, be sweet in the consideration also, that thou, as the head of thy church and people, must be the head of all spiritual, life-giving influences. Surely, blessed Jesus, the head cannot be happy, if the members be not made blessed; the source and fountain of all goodness must needs send forth streams to impart of its overflowing fulness. And is it not for this very purpose, that as God-man Mediator, "the Father hath given thee power over all flesh, that thou shouldest give eternal life to as many as the Father hath given thee?" John xvii. 2. And will not Jesus delight to dispense all blessings to his people, to his chosen, that are the purchase of his blood, and the gift of his Father, and the conquests of his grace? I feel my soul warmed with the very thought! I say to myself, ' Did my Lord and Saviour say, when upon earth, that he was "anointed to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the broken in heart, and to give out of his fulness grace for grace?" And did my Lord say, moreover, that when "he was lifted up, he would draw all men unto him?" And shall I not feel the drawing, the constraining graces of his Spirit, bringing my whole heart, and soul, and spirit into an unceasing desire after him, and unceasing longing for him, and an everlasting enjoyment of him?' Precious, blessed Lord Jesus! let the morning, noon-day, and evening cry of my heart be in the language of the church of old, and let the cry be awakened by thy grace, and answered in thy mercy: "Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee; we will remember thy love more than wine;" Song i. 4.


Robert Hawker

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