Prov. 14:14

Robert Hawker

"A good man shall be satisfied from himself."–Prov. xiv. 14.

My soul! what is this scripture, and what is the design of the Holy Ghost in it? Art thou satisfied in thyself? Alas! every day makes me more and more dissatisfied with myself. How can I, indeed, be satisfied, who carry about with me such a body of sin and death, which is everlastingly fighting with, and opposing my better part? What satisfaction, then, is it, that is here meant? Scripture is best explained by scripture: hence the satisfaction that a believing soul finds from himself, is not from his own attaiments, nor his own righteousness, but from the witness of the Holy Ghost, that he is born of God, and brought out of nature's darkness into God's marvellous light. The apostle John hath given, in a single verse, a full illustration of what the wise man here saith, of a good man (that is, a child of God) being satisfied with himself: "He that believeth on the Son of God," saith the apostle John, "hath the witness in himself;" I John v. 10. Here is the grand source of all his satisfaction. Tile Holy Ghost witnesseth to the soul of the believer, that he is new born, that he is passed from death to life; that Jesus is precious, and his salvation very dear to him. The heart of such an one is brought to know and feel his own wants by reason of sin, and the infinite suitableness of Jesus to answer all those wants, and to be to him all he stands in need of. The poor creature, thus taught of God, is satisfied with the blessed discovery he hath made of Jesus, and his salvation; and rests wholly in it, as one perfectly satisfied, and desires no other; yea, renounceth every other. Hence he is satisfied from himself, and his own feelings, and not from what others have taught him, that Jesus is all he needs. My soul! hast thou arrived to this blessedness? If so, praise that distinguishing grace, by which, in the midst of self-loathing on account of thy sin, thou hast a self-satisfaction on account of having found Jesus and his righteousness. Let Jesus have all the praise, and do thou live as one eternally satisfied with his person and righteousness.


Robert Hawker

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