Isa. 45:11

Robert Hawker

"Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me."–Isa. xlv. 11.

Nothing can give a higher proof of the love of God, than what the scriptures reveal concerning him. He opened a way of access to himself, when man by sin had lost the way; and in his dear Son he has made every provision for bringing us nigh by his blood. The throne of grace he hath opened for their approach; the assurance he hath given of accepting them in the beloved; the very tender and kind expressions which issue from the throne; and the answers which have been given to thousands, and are continually given to thousands who come there; yea, the promises with which they are surrounded, that" before they call, he will answer, and while they are speaking, he will hear:" all these are full of endearments, to shew forth the love of God in Jesus Christ to all his people. But still, if possible, beyond all these, this portion from the writings of the prophet is most wonderful, and is confirmed by Jehovah's own saying," Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me." What! doth the Lord indeed allow himself to be commanded? Hath he thrown, as it were, the reins of government into the hands of his people; and, if the object of their petition be for his glory and their welfare, may they command him? My soul! what an astonishing, what an unparalleled instance of condescension is this!–But are there any instances upon record of the kind? Yes! When Jacob wrestled with God in prayer, he boldly told the Lord, that he would not let him go without a blessing: and the blessing he had. And God himself, a thousand years after, noted it down by the prophet, that" by his strength, he had power with God," Gen. xxxii. 26, 28. Hosea xii. 3, 4. When Joshua was pursuing the enemies of God, and of his Christ, he bade the sun stand still; and it did so; Joshua x. 12-14. When the Lord Jesus went with the disciples to Emmaus, and they constrained him to abide, he was entreated of them, and went in with them; Luke xxiv. 29. And who shall say, what instances of wonder, grace, and love, in a thousand and ten thousand cases, both public and private, in the history of the church and the Lord's people, have been accomplished, of the same kind, and are every day going on in their experiences? My soul! look at Moses, stopping the Lord's hand, when coming forth to destroy Israel; Exod. xxxii. 9-14. Look how Elias shut up, and again opened, the windows of heaven, by the prevalency of prayer; and read the apostle's comment upon it; 1 Kings xvii. 1. James v. 16-18. And when thou hast duly pondered the wonderful subject, say, what is there thy God and Father can or will deny thee, when thou comest to him in the name, and blood, and intercession of his dear and ever blessed Son? Read the inscription on his cross, in connection with this blessed scripture of the prophet, and then say, with the apostle: "He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he rot with him freely give us all things?" Romans viii. 32.


Robert Hawker

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