Rom. 14:23

Robert Hawker

"For whatsoever is not of faith, is sin."–Rom. xiv. 23.

My soul, thou last long known, and I hope in a great measure felt, the vast importance of that blessed principle, faith, without the possession of which, "it is impossible to please God." But last thou also considered what the Holy Ghost here saith, by the apostle, that "whatsoever is not of faith, is sin? Pause over the expression: "whatsoever is not of faith, is sin!" Why then it will follow, that whatever is undertaken without an eye to God in Christ, and for God's glory in Christ, is sin. All the acts of creatures, as sinful creatures, must partake of sin. It is by faith in Christ, that the iniquity of our most holy things is taken away. Hence, love to our neighbour, is no love, unless it be a stream from the love of God: for what doth not begin in God, will never end in God. Such views of faith are striking; and this portion of God's word certainly opens to them, and the reason is obvious: it is by faith only that we hear what God saith, or regard what God appoints. We never can glorify God, till we hear and believe in God. All God's promises are in Christ: but without faith in Christ, there can be no belief in the promises of God in Christ. My soul, this is a striking view of faith, and serves to shew its vast and infinite importance. If all I undertake, all I say, all I do, the whole, without an eye to God in Christ, partake of sin; it is high time to see that I make Jesus the bottom, the cementing principle, and the top-stone of the whole building. And as "whatsoever is not of faith, is sin," so the humble offerings in faith, humble and poor as they are in themselves, if offered in and through Jesus, come up with acceptance upon that altar which sancifieth both gift and giver. Hence saving faith gives glory to God, because it brings nothing, it offers nothing, but seeks all from God in Christ, and desires that God in all things may be glorified in Christ. Oh! for the continual outpourings of the blessed Spirit, to be strong in this grace which is in Christ Jesus. "Lord! increase our faith!"


Robert Hawker

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