Exod. 16:35

Robert Hawker

"They did eat manna, until they came unto the borders of the land of Canaan."–Exod. xvi. 35.

How graciously did God the Holy Ghost teach Israel, by type and shadow, concerning good things to come! It must be our duty, and it will prove our happiness, to read in every event, as far as the Holy Ghost teacheth, our new testament blessings dressed up in the old testament figures. The feeding of the church in the wilderness with manna forty years, was a standing miracle, and, as such, became a most suitable type of Jesus. My soul, look at it, this evening, in this point of view, and behold what the Spirit holds forth in it, concerning the Lord Jesus. The continuance of this supply from heaven became a beautiful resemblance of the state of believers in all ages. The rebellion of Israel occasioned not any suspension of the mercy; for though they murmured and rebelled, the manna was sent the same, "new and pure every morning." Sweet thought to the poor timid believer! Though we fail in our duty, Jesus will not diminish in his love.; and though we neglect him, yet will he not forget us. Moreover, morning by morning, the blessing came; not a day, not an hour omitted. Jesus is all this, and more: "For it shall come to pass, that before my people call, (saith Jehovah) I will answer; and while they are speaking, I will hear;" Isaiah lxv. 24. There is another precious thought suggested in the view of the type, and the thing signified; all the people partook of the rich mercy. There was enough manna for every one; for each and for all. Such is Jesus to his people. Every state and every circumstance he is able to supply, and he doth and will supply; and therefore, between the old church of the old testament believers, and the new church of new testament saints, there is a great analogy and agreement. Christ is the sum and substance of all and every one of the people. One thing more: As Israel had no other sustenance until they came to the borders of Canaan, so the people of God now have no other, yea, they desire no other, until they come to the Canaan above. In Jesus there is a fulness of grace, and life, and glory. Hail, thou heavenly bread! thou word of God! Be thou my portion, the bread of life, until I am brought down to the waters of Jordan. Help me, Lord, by faith, to feed on thee and on thy great salvation; and "may my meditation of thee be sweet!"


Robert Hawker

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