Psalm 87:7

Robert Hawker

"All my springs are in thee."–Psalm lxxxvii. 7.

Sweet thought! And this, as Solomon saith upon another occasion, forms the conclusion of the whole matter. Jesus is the source, the fountain, the author, the finisher of all our mercies; for every thing of life and salvation, of grace and glory, flow from him, centre in him; and therefore in him and from him, as the source of blessedness, all our springs must flow. In him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily .All glories are in him: the glory of the church above; the glory of the church below; yea, the glory of angels and of God himself; for the Father hath given all his glory into his almighty hands. Hence, my soul, from whom should thy springs flow, but from Jesus? If all divine attributes, all divine perfections are in him; if grace be no where but in Jesus; no blessing, no redemption but in his blood; if all gifts, and graces flow from him, and can no where else be found, to whom shall the gathering of the people be, or from whom shall all blessings come? And what a refreshing consideration is this, under all the barren, dry, and withering frames of the believer's heart. See to it, my soul, that thou art coming- to Jesus, day by day, for suitable supplies; and let not thine emptiness discourage thee, or keep thee away, but rather let a sense of thy poverty endear to thee Jesus's riches. Thou art as exactly suited for him, as he is suited to thee; and as much as thou needest his fulness, Jesus no less needs vessels to fill into, and to pour out upon, of his blessings. Precious Lord Jesus! behold then I am come to thee; I find, in every thing beside thee, sin, death, and misery. Oh, the rapturous thought! "All my springs are in thee!"


Robert Hawker

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