Zech. 12:8

Robert Hawker

In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and he that is feeble among them at that day, shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the Lord before them."–Zech. xii. 8.

My soul! in the calculation of times and seasons, thou art entering this day upon a new month; stand still and consider what progress thou art making in the spiritual path. Here is a sweet promise for the gospel dispensation. It is an old testament promise to be fulfilled in a new testament day. The weak and feeble, in our spiritual David, being really and truly in David, shall be as David, that is, strong in the grace and strength that are in Christ Jesus. And the whole house of David, every true believer in Jesus, shall be as Jesus; that is, so accounted before God, as one in Christ, and accepted in him the beloved; for in the eye of God, and of his holy law, they are one and the same. But what a sad consideration is it, that the progress in the divine life, here set forth, is so seldom sought after by the people of God! We are, for the most part, satisfied to have made our calling and election sure, and do not seem to feel it much at heart, that frequently the soul goes lean, and is feeble in spiritual attainments. My soul! let me impress it upon thy most serious consideration, this evening, how needful it is to have this sweet promise brought home, and proved in thy daily experience. Is not Jesus, in his person, work, and righteousness to be continually improved in soul-acquaintance and communion? Should I not seek to preserve a constant communication with my Lord? Whenever I consider his fulness, which is all for his people, surely I ought to send forth a desire for a renewed token of his love. And yet when I come to sit down in the evening, and to look back upon what hath passed between my Lord and me, through the day, alas! how little hath my soul been going forth in desires after him, and in enjoying communion with him! Come, blessed Jesus! come I pray thee, and let my awakened faculties be exercised upon thy person, blood, and righteousness, until this sweet promise be mine, and I find my feebleness becoming strength in my Lord. Let the growing acquaintance with thee, of one day, be made the step for desiring greater knowledge, and greater enjoyment of thee, for the next day; and let my earnest soul be pressing after fresh discoveries of thee, and for sweet manifestations from thee every day, in greater frequency, and in more enlarged views of thy glory. Oh! for grace from my Lord, for the liveliest actings of faith, and love, and praise, and every longing desire upon and towards him whose name is; "the Lord our righteousnes;" that the grace and good-will, the mercy and kindness of God my Saviour, may be my daily song, and evening delight, in this house of my pilgrimage!


Robert Hawker

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