John 5:22-27

Robert Hawker

"For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son. And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because be is the Son of Man."–John v. 22, 27.

Here, my soul! here is a sweet and blessed portion to take with thee, night by night, as a sleeping draught, to lie down with in holy composure; or if thou lie watchful, to give thee songs in the night. Everynight is a new watchword of the night of death; and none can tell thee when thou droppest asleep, whether, in the next opening of thine eyes, thou mayest not open them in eternity, and find thyself standing before the judgrnent-seat of Christ! Dost thou not wish to be prepared for such an event, and not to leave so infinitely momentous a concern to a peradventure? Read then, again and again, this sweet scripture. I take for granted, that thou knowest Jesus; and art acquainted, yea, savingly acquainted with his glorious person, as thy surety; and the merits of his blood and righteousness, as thy salvation I see then what this blessed scripture saith, that all judgment is committed unto thy Jesus, because he is the Son of man. Mark that, my soul! not because he is the Son of God; for in that case, judgment could not have been committed to him; for it was his before, in common with the Father and the Holy Ghost; the whole Three Persons constituting the one eternal Jehovah. But judgment is committed to Christ, and is peculiarly his, because he is the Son of man." Cherish the sweet, the soul-transporting, the soul-supporting truth. Thy Jesus, who is now thy surety, is then to be thy Judge. He that hath died for thy sins, is then to be thy advocate. And he that hath paid the ransom with his blood in this life, is then to see the reward of it in another. Now then behold where alone thy confidence is to be found. Bring forward to thy view the solenin, the awful day. Realize it, as if the archangel's trumpet were now sounding, and thou beheld Jesus coming to be glorified in his saints, and admired in all that believe. Let others, who now boast of their good works, and hope allowance will be made for human frailty, and the like; or all that troop of half disciples, who partly to Christ, and partly to themselves, look for salvation; let such do as they will; there is but this one thing left for thee to do, and this one thing well done, will do for all; remember, Jesus is thy Judge; and all judgment is committed unto him, "because he is the Son of man." Humbly, my soul, but with the boldness of faith through his blood, draw near to his gracious seat; and against all law charges, and the divine demands of justice, hold up the blessed testament of Jesus's blood. Here, Lord, I would say, are the Father's promises of redemption, in thy name and righteousness; and this is the record God hath given of his dear Son. And here, Lord, is the new testament of thy blood, which thou hast given for sinners. Thou, blessed Lord, wilt know thine hand, and own thy word. Thou therefore shalt answer for me, O Lord my God!


Robert Hawker

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