Rev. 2:17

Robert Hawker

"The hidden manna."–Rev. ii. 17.

We have an authority from Jesus himself, to say, that He, and He alone, is the manna of the gospel; for in his discourse with the Jews, he called himself, in allusion to the manna of the wilderness," the living bread," and" the bread of God which came from heaven," of which, he said, "whosoever should eat, should live for ever." But when Jesus imparts this blessed food to his people, it is hidden. And, indeed, many of the properties of it are made more blessed, from the very nature of its secresy. My soul, ponder over the subject a few moments, this evening, and behold in it, how truly gracious it is in the Lord, to hand to his people in secret, those enjoyments of himself, of which the world is altogether unconscious. Mark the outlines of it, and trace it in its effects in thine own experience. Though Jesus was preached to the world, both by the law and the prophets; and when appearing in substance of our flesh manifested forth his glory; yet was he known only to his disciples: the great mass of men neither knew him, nor regarded him. If he was preached in types and sacrifices, under the old testament dispensation, or in open gospel under the new, few believed the report; the cry still went forth, "is not this the carpenter's son?" But say, my soul, is not Jesus still "the hidden manna?" Dost thou discover him in his holy word? still is the word hidden:for though it is read openly by all, yet the mystery of it is known but to few. Doth the Holy Ghost testify to thee of Jesus, in thy desires after him; in thy communions with him; in the actings of thy faith upon him; and in thy enjoyments from him? Nevertheless in all these, however certain and refreshing to thee, thy pleasures are hidden from the world. This is mercy, personal and peculiar; strangers do not, cannot, intermeddle with this joy. Precious Lord Jesus! give me larger and fuller enjoyments of thee day by day; and night by night let my secret and retired meditations of thee be sweet! Oh! for grace to live more and more upon those hidden privileges, and more and more to prize them. Come to me, dear Lord! and give me such rich participations of thyself, in the fulness of thy person, blood, and righteousness, that receiving from thee "the hidden manna," I may say in thine own precious words, "I have meat to eat which the world knows not of."


Robert Hawker

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