Matt. 26:20

Robert Hawker

"Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve."–Matt. xxvi. 20.

And now the even is again come, will Jesus graciously sit down with me? Wherefore, my soul, shouldest thou doubt the kindness of thy condescending Lord? It may be allowed, that in many of the tenderest incidents which passed between Jesus and his disciples while upon earth, there were some peculiarly suited, and designed to have a personal respect to them alone. But in many things they were the representatives of Jesus's whole family; and hence every child of God may invite Jesus to sit down with him, and enjoy conimunion with him; that while Jesus speaks by his word to his people, and they to him; as his whole heart and soul is theirs, so their whole hearts and souls may go forth, in all the sweet exercises of love and faitb to him, and a holy familiarity may take place between them. Come, then, thou gracious Lord, and sit down with me, after all the toils of the day, and close the evening with some blessed token of thy favour. I remember somewhat of thy past kindness, and therefore I feel encouraged to seek a renewal of thy love. Do I not know thee, O thou dear Lord! as a tried, a sure, an unchanging friend; a brother born for adversity? And shall not this knowledge make me confident for all that I have now to ask? Shall I go to the Lamb of God, who hath died for me, as one under doubts and fears that he will not own me, nor regard the purchase of his blood? No! precious Jesus, never will I so dishonour thee, while thou hast given me, not the spirit of bondage, but the spirit of adoption. Never will I lose sight of thee in this endearing part of thy character; for thine own love, and not our desert, is the rule of thy grace to thy people. Come, then, Lord Jesus, in the stillness of this evening, and manifest thyself to my heart otherwise than thou dost to the world. If Jesus will but speak, yea, whisper in the words of his holy scripture, I shall feel all the power, sweetness, and energy of its saving truths. One view of Jesus's heart, and the love in it to poor sinners, will bear down all the cries of unbelief, all the clamours of the world, and all the temptations of the enemy. Yea, Lord, I shall for a while forget every sorrow, every pain, every difficulty and trial. And will not the tempter flee, when he beholds my poor feeble soul upheld in Jesus's arms, and lying in Jesus's bosom? Blessed be my God and Saviour, I feel a sense of thy strengthening and refreshing presence. My faith lays hold of thee, neither will I let thee go, O thou, the hope of Israel, and the Saviour thereof! "And why shouldest thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turned aside to tarry but for a night?"


Robert Hawker

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