Ps. 116:11

Robert Hawker

"I said in my haste, all men are liars."–Ps. cxvi. 11.

Hasty words, for the most part, are not wise words. But, as the apostle remarks, "Let God be true, and every man a liar." It should seem that this hasty expression of David was at a time when he was greatly afflicted. Alas! what exercises, for want of the proper use of them, in their sanctifying properties, are men brought into! But if, from long experience, the heart be led to a just conclusion, that man, in his best friendship, and best intention, is too fickle and helpless a creature to trust in, or depend upon; and from a full conviction of the hollow and deceitful nature of the human heart, the soul is led unto God in Christ, as the only stable and permanent security; thus changing the reeds of Egypt, for the Rock of Israel: here it becomes not the subject of haste, but the deliberate conclusion formed by grace, to consider every being fallacious but the faithful Jehovah. My soul, take thy stand, this evening, under Jesus's banner: and though thou hast been deceived by man, yea, by every man; though thine own heart be deceitful, and desperately wicked, so much so, that though, since grace brought thee first acquainted with it, thou hast been making discoveries more and more, that have astonished thee, and thou hast not yet, nor ever will in this life get to the bottom in exploring the depths of deception; though the world and the great enemy of souls be all in league to deceive thee; yet shall not the whole of these deceivers prevail, nor separate thee from the love of Christ. Jesus will make thee more than conqueror through his grace supporting thee. As the armies in heaven, so his faithful upon earth, "overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and have loved not their lives unto death."