Psalm 145:15, 16

Robert Hawker

"The eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfieth the desire of every living thing."–Psalm cxlv. 15, 16.

What a full and comprehensive scripture is here! and what a view doth it open to the mind in the contemplation of God, in all his works of nature, providence, and grace! Pause over it, my soul, and as thou meditatest, apply it to the several circumstances of thine own wants, and the wants of Jesus's church in Zion: Remember, that as all eyes of the redeemed wait upon thy God, as well as thine; so it is Jesus, and Jesus only, that can satisfy the desire of all. Figure to thyself, at this moment, the court of Jesus thronged with waiting petitioners! and behold Jesus coming forth to supply, and answer all, and every one. Think, how many, how great, how diversified their cases. And then behold Jesus as not only having the suited blessing for all; but that when the desire of every living thing, is satisfied, Jesus is no less full than before; neither is an atom of the riches of his grace abated. Oh! could this great truth but be once thoroughly impressed upon the minds of sinners, yea, not only the needy, but wretched, worthless sinners, how would the heavenly court be crowded day and night to watch for, and to partake of his bounty. My soul, hasten with thy petition, for the King is on his throne, and waiting to be gracious. And as thou goest, invite every poor creature whom thou seest, to go with thee. Tell him there is enough for thee, enough for him, enough for all. And tell him to accompany thee with full confidence: for however ready and earnest his soul is to seek, Jesus is infinitely more ready to bestow. Tell him, moreover, that while Jesus will be making him blessed in receiving, Jesus himself will be abundantly more glorious in giving: for it is on such poor sinners that he makes his grace to shine. Say, dear Lord! art thou not more blessed to the view and love of thy church in proportion as they receive of thy grace? and the happier thy people are made in thee, the more glorious art thou in them. And whence all this, thou dearest Lord, but because thou art, hast been, and will be, from everlasting to everlasting, Jesus?