Luke 12:29

Robert Hawker

"Neither be ye of doubtful mind."–Luke xii. 29.

My soul, it is a blessed thing to arrive at a fixed point, on the momentous concern of "the one thing needful." As long as there remains any doubt or uncertainty whether Christ be the soul's portion or not, there is always a proportioned degree of doubt and uncertainty in the soul's comfort. What the dying patriarch said to his son, may with equal truth be said of every one of this description: "Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel," Gen. xlix. 4. For as long as the soul forms conclusions of safety, not from what Jesus is, but from what the soul's views of Jesus are there will be always an unstable, unsettled state. And how many have I known, who are of doubtful. mind, whether they really do believe to the salvation of the soul, and yet have no doubt whether they be sinners, and both need and earnestly desire that salvation. They will tell you that Jesus is more precious than the golden wedge of Ophir; but they tell you at the same time, they dare not say that they have an interest in his blood and righteousness. They see a loveliness in his person, and a suitableness to their necessities, in every point of view; but they cannot presume to hope that they are welcome to enjoy either. They can and do cry out, under the thirst of the soul for Jesus, as David did for the waters of Bethlehem; but still, like David, they do not make use of the blessing, though it be procured them. My soul, it is blessed to live above doubts and fears, by living upon Jesus. The assurance of faith is founded in what Jesus is, and not what his people feel; in what view God the Father beholds Christ as the sinner's surety, and not what our apprehensions are concerning our present feelings. Faith is most strong where sense is most weak; and the glory given to Jesus is greater, when, like Abraham, "against hope, we believe in hope." Blessed Lord Jesus! let the faith of my soul be the one fixed unalterable faith, that admits of no doubt nor change. Let me, with full purpose of heart, cleave unto the Lord. And while I can and do behold, through thy Spirit's teaching me, the Father's appointment and approbation, in all thy work and finished salvation; here let me fix, and never be of doubtful mind, but live and die in the full assurance of faith, well pleased with what my God and Father is well pleased with, and always "rejoicing in hope of the glory of God!"


Robert Hawker

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