Ps. 47:4

Robert Hawker

"He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob, whom he loved. Selah."–Ps. x1vii. 4.

My soul, to whom, but to the all-lovely and all-loving Jesus, couldest thou have thought this blessed verse referred, even had this little word Selah not been placed at the end, by way of marking the emphasis of the Holy Ghost? Who couldest thou have considered suitable to have chosen the inheritance of his people, but he who is the Lord of his people, and himself their inheritance and their portion for ever? It was God thy Father that chose him to be the excellency of Jacob, when he gave him for a covenant to the people; and when to the infinite mind of Jehovah, this One glorious Person, in the holiness and purity of his nature, came up before him here, on him the Lord placed his choice. And had all his people been present; had it been possible for the whole of the chosen of Zion to have been consulted in the choice, would not every soul have fixed its longing eyes upon him, and from the millions of tongues resounding his blessed and blissful name from every heart, the universal voice would have been heard in the delightful words of this scripture: "He shall choose our inheritance for us; the excellency of Jacob, whom he loved!" Hail! thou dear and blessed Lord! thou art indeed our inheritance, and our portion for ever! And hail, thou glorious, gracious, and almighty Father! thy choice, and thy gift, and thine appointment, gives and confirms, sweetens and sanctifies the eternal and unspeakable mercy. And hail, thou holy and blessed Spirit! do thou cause my poor soul to live by grace here, and in glory, to all eternity, upon this excellency of Jacob, whom Jehovah loved!


Robert Hawker

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