1 Sam. 1:15

Robert Hawker

"I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit."–1 Sam. i. 15.

My soul, look at Hannah at the mercy-seat, and mark the sorrowful spirit with which she there appeared. Blushing and sorrow, at the feet of Jesus, are among the highest tokens of real heartfelt communion. Perhaps there never was a moment in the life of Hannah, in which faith was in more lively exercise, than in that memorable season. And, perhaps, never did she speed with more success than then; for it is said, that when she arose from before the throne, "she went her way, and her countenance was no more. sad." Now, my soul, take a precious instruction from her example. Do thou go to the throne, and present thyself at the feet of thy Jesus. Let grace have a full and lively exercise in thine heart. See that thy prayers be really and truly heart prayers, and not lip-service. Tell thy Lord how greatly thou needest his grace and mercy; and tell him, also, how much thy Lord Jesus will get glory in being gracious: Let him see that thou art indeed in earnest. And let the offering of a broken and contrite heart decidedly shew that thou art also of a sorrowful spirit. And when thou hast done this, do as Hannah did; leave thy sorrow with Jesus. She went her way and was no more sad. To be sure not; for if she really left her concerns with Jesus, she could not take them home to her own heart again. Here, my soul, is thy mistake; thou dost as Hannah did only in part; a throne of grace can witness for thee, that thou hast, times without number, brought thy burdens, both of sin and sorrow, and laid them down at the feet of thy Lord; but, alas! the same throne can witness against thee, that, shortly after, through distrust, and fear, and unbelief, thou hast fetched them away again, and taken the whole upon thyself. Dearest Jesus, undertake for me. Oh, for grace, not only to bring all my burdens to thee, but to leave them all with thee: for this is the only way to make a sorrowful spirit glad, when I make thee as God the Father hath made thee, the Almighty Burden bearer of all the sins and sorrows of thy people!


Robert Hawker

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