Rev. 12:16

Robert Hawker

"And the earth helped the woman."–Rev. xii. 16.

How blessed is it to see the hand of the Lord, when no hand beside can be near to help! and that when our situation is as lonely and forlorn as that of the pelican in the wilderness, Jesus is still near; and we are never less alone than when alone! When the church brought forth her offspring, and hell stood ready to devour it, God sheltered it from his jaws. And when he cast forth a flood to sweep the church away, the earth helped the woman, by opening its mouth, and swallowing it up. My soul! look into thine own circumstances, and trace the Lord's dealings, and thou wilt find a great multitude o£ corresponding instances. It is from the inattentive minds of the Lord's people, that mercies so often pass and repass, and they see them not. There are thousands of them in every believer's life, that he is as unconscious of, as the world are of the sweet-blowing flower of the desert, which sheds her rich perfumes to the air, and her beauties to the heath, and hath no beholder. The Lord's dealings with his people, as well in the kingdom of providence as of grace, will form a huge volume to read over in eternity, in which, like the earth helping the woman, we shall find wonders to call forth love and praise to God and the Lamb. The timing of mercies, the unexpected coming of them, the instruments by which they have been brought, the means by which they have been accomplished, and, what above all must endear them, the cause whence they come, the medium through which they flow in the person of Jesus, and the covenant of redemption in his blood; all these bring them home to the heart, with "a joy unspeakable and full of glory," and richly fulfil that precious promise of a covenant God in Christ, "Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good; and I will plant them in this land assuredly, with my whole heart, and with my whole soul," Jer. xxxii. 41.